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Need some help writing your best man speech? We've got your back!


We write based on what you tell us. We like to think of ourselves as your co-writer.

Low cost

Something for every price. Whatever your budget, you can benefit from one of our services.

Range of Services

Proofreads, full edits, joke suggestions, and speech from scratch packages, so whatever your level, we can help

Whether he’s your best friend, like a brother to you, or sort of all right, we’ll help you find the words.

Let’s cut to the chase. It’s about the laughs, the memories and the banter. About conveying it in a way that speaks to a room of people you might not know, but who know the guy you’re celebrating – nay – roasting.

You love being best man, but are dreading the speech. That’s where we come in.

We know it has to be your speech, so we just help you find what you want to say, in the way you want to say it – and hopefully make it funny in the process.

You tell us the style, the anecdotes, the level of humour vs. affection, and we’ll do all that we can to create the perfect speech.

We also offer lighter services, such as proofreads, edits, and joke additions.

Our Four Step System

Get inspired! Take our free survey now

Choose Your Product

Depending on whether it’s a proofread, edit, joke edit, or from-scratch speech you are after, our process couldn’t  be easier.

Complete Survey or Send File

If it’s a from-scratch speech, we’ll send you our simple survey to complete. Otherwise, just drop us your file in your contact form.

Flexible Edits

Depending on your package, you will have up to 3 re-writes or edits included. You can also purchase more with a simple add-on fee.

Finish Happy!

Our Finish Happy scheme will give you a £5 giftcard if we can publish your speech in our examples section, and a £10 giftcard if you allow us to share a video of your performance on the big day.

Get in touch, we’ll be happy to help!

Whether it’s an enquiry about prices, one of our services, or something else you want to know, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Frequently Asked Questions


The Process

How does your speech writing process work?

Our process is really simple! To start with, pick the service that most suits your needs from our service list. You will then be asked to complete our survey (you can also do this for free (with no purchase obligation) to get inspired for your speech. We will forward what you write back to you), and forward any speech ideas or drafts you have so far (unless you have chosen our from scratch service).

Once we receive your survey and payment, one of our writers will get in touch with you and take things from there.

How do you calculate your prices?

Our prices are based on how long we think the service should take to make a good speech. We don’t believe in rushing it, as it’s a personal thing.

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