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Common Questions About Our Best Man Speech Writing Process

The Process

How does your speech writing process work?

Our process is really simple! To start with, pick the service that most suits your needs from our service list. You will then be asked to complete our survey (you can also do this for free (with no purchase obligation) to get inspired for your speech. We will forward what you write back to you), and forward any speech ideas or drafts you have so far (unless you have chosen our from scratch service).

Once we receive your survey and payment, one of our writers will get in touch with you and take things from there.

How do you calculate your prices?

Our prices are based on how long we think the service should take to make a good speech. We don’t believe in rushing it, as it’s a personal thing. Due to the nature of our industry, prices are fixed.

What counts as a revision?

A revision from My Best Man Speech is a quick pass over everything. We read it, making minor changes, edits and comments (depending on whether it’s a final revision). Many companies might refer to this as a quick edit, but we choose to define it differently to differentiate it from our full edit service which is much more extensive.


What makes My Best Man Speech UK different?

We write the speech you feel comfortable with, without relying on stock jokes, or cliched lines. We do everything we can to tailor the speech to your needs and requirements.

Which of your services should I choose?

The service you require will entirely depend on your confidence in writing, and how much of the load you want us to take.

Contrary to what you may imagine, we believe the best speeches are written by you. You know the stories and  We simply help out where we can. Of course, we are happy to do a full write, but our most popular product is our jokes edit option. We will add jokes, ideas, metering, and tidy things up.

What if I don’t like the speech you write?

We will do everything we can to ensure you like the speech we write by working extensively with you on it. What we charge for is our time and expertise. This means we can’t offer refunds at the end of the process, but we will work with the speech until you are happy with it, in line with our terms and conditions.






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